Classification and advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel vacuum flask

Time:2017-12-27 16:38:36

Stainless steel vacuum insulated cups are the most common in the cup and pot market. Regardless of the age group, the stainless steel vacuum flask is a cup suitable for healthy drinking. However, with the pursuit of high-quality and exquisite life in recent years, thermos mug companies have also made innovations and improvements in appearance design and function research and development according to people's different needs, and gradually subdivided the single stainless steel thermos into bachelor's cups and bachelor's cups. There are seven types of bullets, office cups, and functional cups. The following is an introduction to the classification and outstanding points of stainless steel vacuum flasks.

One. Bachelor Cup

Straight shape, the lower part of the appearance is small, the top is slightly larger, the cover is round and smooth, the cover is reversed to be convex, and the cover thickness is about 4-6cm. There is a deep groove in the lid. After the cup body is tightened, the protruding part of the lid presses down in the cup body, which is beneficial to heat resistance, so the heat preservation performance is better, which can reach 8-10 hours. The disadvantage is that the inside of the cover is difficult to clean, it is easy to produce scale, breed bacteria, and is not conducive to hygiene. The common capacity of the bachelor cup is 350ml-500ml.

two. bullet

The appearance is long and the upper end is arc-shaped. The whole looks like a bullet. Unscrew the lid. The lid can be used as a cup. There is a plug for water switch. The height is about 6cm. The plug depth is mostly in the cup body. The thermal function is better than the bachelor cup, up to 10 hours or more. Disadvantages: The bullet is a low-priced vacuum flask, domestically produced, almost no food-standard grade 304 stainless steel is used, and they are all 201 and 202 steel, and even counterfeit 200 series stainless iron is used, which has serious hygiene problems and heavy metals. Exceeding the standard, lead exceeding the standard, other materials are also the cheapest materials, and the switch water plug is difficult to remove and wash, it is more likely to produce scale, bacteria and odor, and the hygiene is not up to standard.

Consumers who often use bullet-shaped vacuum flasks are mostly people who have no concept of consumption of vacuum flasks. They only know that they can keep warm and the price is cheap.

three. Straight cup

As the name suggests, it is straight and has the same size up and down, except for the outside shape. The difference from the Bachelor Cup is that the inner lid does not have a thick plug, which is normally concave. The material used is better, food-grade 304 steel is used, and some of the plastic parts are also made of food-grade PC. For example, the Jinyi vacuum flask series are made of food-standard grade 304 steel and food-grade PC materials, so hygiene is more guaranteed. Disadvantages: The holding time is not as long as the bachelor cup and bullet head, and the holding time is slightly less than 1-2 hours, which is about 7-9 hours to standard temperature.

four. Office cup

    Suitable for use in fixed places, or work places, or homes, units, similar to straight cups, but with an additional handle, it is more convenient and comfortable to use than straight-through cups, but it is not conducive to carrying out. Compared with ordinary cups, office cups, The opening is large, drinking water is comfortable, but the heat dissipation is faster, so the heat preservation time is a little shorter than the normal straight cup. The common capacity is 300-5OO.


   Travel pot

   There is also a wide-mouth cup, which has a large capacity, and the most common minimum capacity is 750